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Review of The Network

Thank you to Harper Collins and Suzy Approved Book Tours for my gifted copy of this book. Well this was a wild ride!! Buckle up before you start reading this one! This was a fast paced thriller with car chases, murder, politics, corruption, and some shades of the DaVinci Code thrown in. A US Senator unexpectedly shows up at Jack Logan’s door and tells him a wild story. Malcolm insists that he knows he will soon be murdered and begs Jack to take care of his wife after he’s gone. Sure enough Malcolm is killed and Jack has to convince his ex girlfriend, now Malcolm’s widow, that they have to follow Malcolm’s dying wishes for her safety. This is where the mayhem really ensures. As Jack and Taylor are on the run they have no idea who or what they can trust. What follows is a multi layered story that keeps you guessing even if you think you know where it’s heading. This is the first in a series and I’m interested to hear what is next for Jack and Taylor - because we know something will be happening. Overall I found this book very engaging and I thought the plot twists were great. I don’t want to give away too many details so I will leave it here. Fun Fact. L.C. Shaw is one half of the writing duo of Liv Constantine. This should peak your interest in the book even more.

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