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Review of Big Lies in a Small Town

I was looking forward to reading this book as it is written using one of my favourite techniques of dual storylines. We meet Anna in 1940 and Morgan in present day. Anna was an artist chosen by the government to paint a mural on the post office wall in a small town. Anna arrives in the town in the south and is surprised to find all the racial injustices that still prevail. As she works on her mural she makes friends and enemies. Morgan is in jail for drunk driving but is out on parole with the stipulation that she repair the mural that Anna painted. It was never hung up in the post office and the reason why is a mystery. In fact everything about Anna seems to be a mystery. This becomes more apparent as Morgan restores the mural and the odd painting is revealed. Did Anna have a nervous breakdown and is that the reason the mural is so off brand? Morgan starts to dig deeper and deeper into Anna and her life. As the mystery evolves do Anna and Morgan have more in common than we thought? I enjoyed the stories of both women and looked forward to finding out the true story of Anna.

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