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Review of Stories We Never Told

This is my third book by this author and I keep liking each one more than the last. Her books are all very different from each other so you are never sure what sort of story will be told. This book revolves around four main characters, Jackie, Miles, Nasira, amd Harlan. Jackie and Harlan are esteemed university professors and have a romantic past with each other. Jackie is now happily married to Miles. Nasira comes to work under Jackie and also starts a relationship with Harlan. Jackie becomes a little unhinged with jealousy at this point but luckily that eventually passes. As Jackie’s research work starts to be tampered with she is determined to find out who is doing this to her. Her once great marriage is also beginning to unravel. Each of these characters contribute to the story as a whole and I really enjoyed this domestic suspense novel.

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