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Review of Hurry Home

I was eagerly anticipating this book by author Roz Nay. This is a family drama/suspense story. Alex works in child protection and lives with her boyfriend Chase. She has been very selective in what she has told him about her past and he thinks she is just a private person. Things start to change when her estranged sister, Ruth, shows up at her door. Alex has blamed Ruth for problems in their childhood with their parents and claims Ruth was always wild and disobedient. As it turns out Ruth is pregnant and is on the run from the criminal father of her baby. This only further proves Alex’s points about Ruth. As the story evolves we start to see cracks in the stories Alex tells and we learn more about Ruth’s version of past events. With Ruth staying with Alex and Chase he starts to be unsure who to believe as he learns more from each sister. This story was fast paced and well written. The suspense really increases as we learn more about the sisters. I really enjoyed this book and was very engaged with the story start to finish.

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