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Review of Her Perfect Life

This is a debut author and she have woven together a great story. I love family stories so I was interested in this book that revolves around two sisters. Eileen is struggling with her part time job, raising a family, and a disconnect from her husband when she learns her sister has committed suicide. Claire has lived a charmed life or so it seems. She is a successful novelist, lives in a mansion, and has a husband that adores her. As Eileen is at the airport heading to help her brother in law she receives a shock that upends her own life and future. I really enjoyed this book and found the multi layered story fascinating as Eileen and her brother in law retrace Claire’s life to find out why she would have committed suicide. I also was impressed with Eileen’s personal growth as she faced the problems in her own life. I enjoyed learning more about these two women and I was engaged in this story from the beginning. I will definitely read more from this author.

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