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Review of Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing

Well this book packs a punch! I follow this author on twitter and often share in her rage and angst that she tweets about. I like this author’s books - she’s an auto buy for me. This is a departure from her last one and I went into this one knowing nothing about it. I have to say the plot of this book doesn’t surprise me. Cleo is a senator and is planning a run for president. The book is so on point for where we are in history. The plot takes on a lot of issues - regrets, #metoo, politics, single parenting, female empowerment and more. Cleo is not always a likeable character but she is intent on correcting and making some changes on the many regrets she has. Before going forward on her plans for running for president she wants to make amends for some of her past mistakes. Her motto and mindset have always been Only Forward so this is quite a change for her. Cleo has a lot of personal growth while also paving the way for women in politics and in life. She is all for female empowerment and makes sure everyone knows it. She also is single parenting her 14 year son and is very cognizant of what values and ideas she is instilling in him regarding girls and women. This is a book with a very intelligent and strong female character. She definitely becomes a more well rounded person by the end of the book.

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