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Review of Life's Not Yoga

I love memoirs but I find them so hard to review. This memoir by Jacqui Burnett is raw and honest. Growing up as a privileged white girl in South Africa during Apartheid Jacqui’s childhood was far from perfect. Her father was so emotionally abusive it was horrific. Her mother, always under the control of her husband, was also emotionally abusive to a lesser degree but also failed her daughter in so many ways. Jacqui has a business degree and went on to work at her husband’s business while putting her goals and dreams aside. Eventually she reaches a breaking point - both with her husband and the business and she heads to the US to pursue her love of writing and to rebalance herself emotionally. Throughout all this Jacqui questioned her spirituality. As she made major life decisions and was slowly able to focus completely on what she wanted she was at peace with her relationship with God and herself. I was amazed at the author’s capacity for love and forgiveness toward the people in her life. I am very impressed with how much Jacqui has overcome in her life and how she is hoping to inspire others. Thank you to the author for sending me her book for review!


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