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Review of Meet Me at the Lake

Ok. My question is ‘How fast can Carley Fortune write another book?’I loved her previous book and I love this one even more. Set in cottage country in Ontario is a picturesque resort that Fern is expected to run someday. Trouble is - she doesn’t want to. After randomly meeting Will and spending a day with him she does some soul searching about her path in life. Will has had an impactful effect on her and she can’t quit thinking about him although he did ghost their planned meet up one year later. Then Will unexpectedly walks back into her life ten years later. The book is told in past and present and this really rounds out the story. The characters are wonderful and I loved the dialogue. What secrets does enigmatic Will hide and will he stick around for Fern to find out? Their relationship is captivating as they slowly grow closer. The question is whether or not Will will mysteriously disappear again. I loved the setting, characters, and the writing! Definitely add this one to your summer reading list.


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