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Review of Ten Dates

This book has one of my favourite romance tropes with the second chance romance. When Alice wakes up from a coma she can’t remember the last two years. Her nemesis Callum tells her they are in love and have a life together but she finds that unlikely. Callum decides they will reenact their first 10 dates to see if that will bring back her memories of him. The dates are fun and we get a better appreciation about what an exceptional person Callum is. I was bothered about the portrayal of Alice’s parents with the stereotypical overbearing but well meaning mother and the henpecked father. Usually I don’t mind these types of characters but in this situation I would have liked to have seen more well rounded non stereotyped parents. The pacing of the book was good and the two main characters were likeable. Overall the ending was good but a bit rushed.


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