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Review of The Existence Of Amy

Thank you to the author for sending me her book for review. Amy is overwhelmed with her OCD and depression and tries to continue on with her life while not dealing with these issues. For the most part she can function at work - if she can force herself to get there - but other aspects of her life become a bigger struggle. Once Amy is no longer able to get to work she is helped by a wonderful and compassionate coworker. Amy could be any of us and Amy is probably someone we know. In this case Amy initially didn’t get the mental health help she so desperately needed. Thankfully her coworker stepped in and insisted she seek help but unfortunately a lot of people don’t have that experience and support. It was heartbreaking to see Amy’s internal battles and all that she struggled with. This is an important book as we see inside Amy’s thoughts. Books like this help to destimatize mental health issues. Please get help if you or someone you know is struggling.


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