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Review of The Ones We Keep

This is a debut author at age 76 so congrats to her!! Thank you @bookmarked for my free review copy. This is a hard book to review. During a 1970’s family trip to a summer resort the unthinkable happens when one of Olivia’s three boys drowns. Olivia was on a hike when this happened and the boys were being cared for by a babysitter. Rather than face the loss Olivia disappears without even knowing which of the boys died. In her grief Olivia believes that if she doesn’t know which boy died she can continue thinking all three are alive. I was actually more invested in the sections about the boys and their father and how their lives turned out. I am still a bit conflicted about my thoughts on this one. This was definitely difficult to read at times as the tragedy destroyed what initially seemed to be a perfect family.


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