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Review of Welcome to the Neighborhood

This is an interesting mother/daughter story by a debut author. Ginny has recently moved from a small apartment in Queens to a big house in an upscale neighborhood in suburban NJ. The reason for the move was Ginny’s recent marriage so she moves into the house her new husband had with his ex wife. Ginny hopes to fit in and also worries how her 11 year old daughter will adapt. It soon becomes apparent that the new neighborhood is not what Ginny hoped it would be. Her daughter, Harri, struggles to find her place in school thanks to the mean girl clique. Ginny questions whether this move was the right decision for her and Harri. This was an entertaining book and I enjoyed the relationship between Ginny and Harri. There were some important issues addressed in the book as well as some heartwarming and humorous moments. This was a great debut novel and I look forward to more from this author.


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