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Review of Recipe for a Perfect Wife

I’m a big Karma Brown fan so I was eagerly looking forward to this book. I went into reading this one knowing it was going to take a different slant than her previous books. I’m happy to say that this book, while different, is also very entertaining and kept my interest throughout. The story is told through dual timelines which is a style that I find compelling. We meet two women, Nellie in the 1950’s, and Alice in present day. Alice and her husband move into a house previously owned by Nellie. The move has Alice at loose ends and as she finds an old cookbook and letters of Nellie’s in the basement she begins to immerse herself in how Nellie lived. As both women have struggles in their marri

Review of You Were There Too

This is another interesting book from one of my favourite authors. Mia and Harrison decide to move from the city to a small town where they hope to start their family. Mia is a little unsettled as she adjusts to the move. Sadly Mia suffers a horrible miscarriage and it’s not her first one. Mia also has been having dreams of another man for quite some time. She is confused about the dreams as they are very vivid and she doesn’t remember ever meeting the man recurring in them. By chance Mia and Harrison meet the man that Mia is dreaming about. Mia is stunned and Oliver, the man in the dreams, appears to recognize her too. As Mia and Oliver spend time together they try to piece together what th

Review of Big Lies in a Small Town

I was looking forward to reading this book as it is written using one of my favourite techniques of dual storylines. We meet Anna in 1940 and Morgan in present day. Anna was an artist chosen by the government to paint a mural on the post office wall in a small town. Anna arrives in the town in the south and is surprised to find all the racial injustices that still prevail. As she works on her mural she makes friends and enemies. Morgan is in jail for drunk driving but is out on parole with the stipulation that she repair the mural that Anna painted. It was never hung up in the post office and the reason why is a mystery. In fact everything about Anna seems to be a mystery. This becomes more

Review of The Other Mrs.

Well this was a page turner!! This book is an excellent domestic thriller. Sadie and her husband move to a new town to take care of their niece. The niece’s mother had committed suicide in the house so that’s creepy right there. Soon after Sadie and Will and their family move in, a neighbour is murdered in her home. As the police start to investigate it quickly becomes apparent they expect Sadie. Sadie is confused as to why they would suspect her as she has never met the woman. Meanwhile Imogen, the niece, hates Sadie and goes out of her way to make her life miserable. We also have two more key characters, Camille who Will had an affair with and a little girl named Mouse. There are so many t

Review of Unspoken

Isabel is days away from finalizing a divorce from Paul and is going to their beach house for some introspection on her life. Paul has the same plan in mind and also unexpectantly ends up at the beach house. After some discussion they both decide to stay but to do their own thing. These characters were briefly introduced to us in this author’s previous book and I was looking forward to seeing what their story would be. This book isn’t as light hearted as the previous book and deals with some important issues regarding communication or lack thereof. Paul does a lot of work on himself after his marriage collapses and has become a different person in many ways. Paul and Isabel decide they will

Review of Behind Every Lie

Last year I read this author’s previous book, The Night Olivia Fell, and it was one of my favourite books of 2019. I was really looking forward to reading the new book by this author. Eva wakes up in the hospital and is told she was struck by lightning. She learns her mother, Kat, was murdered nearby from where Eva is found. Eva quickly becomes a suspect but the night is a blur to her. She starts trying to solve what happened before she is arrested. As she begins to find out more about her mother’s past she quickly heads to London to discover more information about their life before moving to the US. The story is told by Eva and we also learn details of Kat’s past. Eva begins to see moments

Review of The Wives

This was a crazy, twisted, wild ride. Thursday is one of Seth’s three wives and she agreed to this arrangement because she is so in love with him. None of the wives have met the other until Thursday discovers the identity of the third wife and after that things begin to unravel for her. Seth is enraged she has met the third wife. What follows next are so many twists and turns that leave you so confused as to who is telling the truth. This book is fast paced and entertaining. I really was rooting for Thursday and hoped she was the one telling the truth throughout the book. My only complaint is that the ending wasn't as strong as I would have liked. Other than that a binge worthy read.

Review of The Woman in the Park

This short book definitely covers a lot of ground. This is a debut novel by these two authors and I’m looking forward to what they will come up with next as this book was very engaging. Sarah is a stay at home mom although her children are in boarding school, which she hates. She also has a love/hate relationship with her husband who she believes is having an affair. Sarah spends her time going to see her therapist, going to yoga and also frequents a park where parents bring their children to play. She notices one mom in particular but has no contact with her. She is horrified when the police come to her door informing her this woman has been murdered. Sarah is further alarmed when she reali

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